L 'idea of ​​the Bad and Breakfat "Frontepista", comes a winter' s night, in an 'intimate family dinner at one of the most typical restaurants in the area Chieti / Pescara. After some time spent in pursuit of the commitments and obligations of the typical life of a university student out of the office, the three brothers decided one day to spend an evening with their parents and enjoy some flavors of their land, a little forgotten. E 'on this occasion that the largest of the three, telling of his many experiences and realities known through travel undertaken, offers, after staying at many bed and breakfasts d' Europe, you want to create a B & B of its own. L 'idea is supported by the rest of the family and from there, you decide to "restore" the old house of his maternal grandparents who, today, as the two elders would never have imagined back in the' 50s, enjoys a more than strategic for an accommodation facility, located as it is situated in front to '' National Airport d 'Abruzzo "(the name is quite indicative of this) and in the heart of an area which over recent years has been completely redeveloped.

Arrange the various paperwork, the three brothers are now committed to give all 'home a "refresh" the look, trying to integrate the' deliciously retro decor and style of 'dwelling, with modern elements. the result? A cool, neat, dynamic, clean and comfortable place to spend a pleasant stay, enriched by tasty, varied and plentiful, breakfast and services offered.